Okta CLI (beta) Documentation

The Okta CLI is the easiest way to get started with Okta!
Get started today by installing on your platform.
brew install --cask oktadeveloper/tap/okta
macOS Install
choco install okta
Windows Install
flatpak install flathub com.okta.developer.CLI
Linux Install

Getting Started

$ okta start spring-boot
Registering for a new Okta account, if you would like to use an existing account, use 'okta login' instead.

First name: Jamie
Last name: Example
Email address: jamie@example.com
Company: Okta Test Company
Creating new Okta Organization, this may take a minute:
OrgUrl: https://dev-123456.okta.com
An email has been sent to you with a verification code.

Check your email
Verification code: 086420
New Okta Account created!
Your Okta Domain: https://dev-908973.okta.com
To set your password open this link:

Configuring a new OIDC Application, almost done:
Created OIDC application, client-id: 0oazahf9k5LDCx32C4x6

Change the directory:
    cd spring-boot

Okta configuration written to: src/main/resources/application.properties
Don't EVER commit src/main/resources/application.properties into source control

Run this application with:
    ./mvnw spring-boot:run


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Manage All the Things

Create an Okta org, manage Okta applications, and generate code samples all through the CLI.

Improve Okta CLI

Contribute to Okta CLI! Our Okta CLI community welcomes new contributors. We are friendly and open-source.

Having Trouble?

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