okta apps create

Create a new Okta app


okta apps create [-hV] [--batch] [--verbose] [--app-name=<appName>]
                 [--config-file=<configFile>] [--redirect-uri=<redirectUri>]


      --app-name=<appName>   Application name to be created, defaults to current directory name
                             Okta Authorization Server Id
                             Application config file, will search for:
                              - src/main/resources/application.yml
                              - src/main/resources/application.properties
                              - .okta.env
                             OIDC Redirect URI

Shared Options

      --batch           Batch mode, will not prompt for user input
  -h, --help            Show this help message and exit.
  -V, --version         Print version information and exit.
      --verbose         Verbose logging